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More than we bargoned for.


Nice hard effort this morning on the Allez for 9 miles just to get a quick ride in. My calfs were burning the first 5 miles but then they losened up and the sting receeded. Going to jump in the pool swim a quarter mile (44 lengths, 22 laps) and cool off. Hot water heater is leaking so I’m reluctant to take a shower, don’t worry I jump in the pool after anything involving sweat. Going to mow the lawn and get some sun, half mile ocean swim later, followed by meeting with George at Tri-Running Sports then maybe a short-easy run.

The Loggerhead Sprint Triathlon is this weekend, Saturday to be exact. And Loggerhead is known for being many people’s first triathlon. However, I don’t understand why…the swim is an 8th of a mile longer than a usual sprint and the bike is 3 miles more than a usual sprint. And for 2011, the race will be a battle for survival. With tropical storm Erin on the way, set to arrive off the coast of Florida on Saturday. The waves will be much higher than they are now, and people are tired of the rough seas at the moment. The surf will be bigger, stronger, and choppier. The wind will rip full carbon wheels to shreads and blow riders into the curbs….On the bright side…it might be a nice and cool moring with a drizzle. Best of luck to all the newbies, and to everybody in general including me. Have a fast, safe, and most importantly fun race.

For anybody looking for a life changing experience come check out the Loggerhead

Triathlon this Saturday August 6th. Plenty of room for spectators and who knows, maybe inspire you to try out a triathlon.

Welcome to the 2011 Loggerhead Triathlon, the begginers wave will be starting now.

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