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Triathlon is an Individual Sport

Dropped out of a mock-race yesterday after the bike. Everything was going according to plan but everything felt like it was going awfully wrong. I swam the 3/8th mile Loggerhead Triathlon course in 10 minutes. For me…damn. Then I got on the bike and from lack of stretching or something, my hamstrings, quads, glutes, and lower back felt like I had rubbed them with BioFreeze. Since it was training for the tri on Saturday Aug. 6th, I pulled a Chris Mccormack and disapeared.

Got back on the bike today to do 40 miles, COMPLETELY alone. The main 6:30 group is all the best cyclists in the area. They did 70miles today. The rode as a group up Jupiter Island at 23-26mph with the wind coming from the South. I paced off of them and my calfs were torched. From the 100 mile ride to tNike Lacrosse Camp for three days, my legs are sinched and are ready for a break.

Come check out the Loggerhead Triathlon on Saturday August 6th and see how I do. Carlin Parck, Jupiter, Florida 6:30am.

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