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Around the -hood.

Ran about 3 miles in the neigborhood this afternoon. It is 88 degrees here in Jupiter at 7pm. I was planning on running 5 miles, however my legs seemed quite irretable after 2 miles both at 6:20pace. Keep in mind my fastest official mile is 6:19.

My best quess to why my legs felt irritable (it was mostly around the tops of the knees) is because after doing nothing but running for a full week I then killed 50 miles on Sunday (first time back on a bike in 6 days) in only 2:44 pulling my group of 4 about 1/3rd of the way through the harsh winds. On the hardest section, at a little past the halfway point, on the very open and unprotected Old Dixie Highway, I got my Tour de France attitude on and pushed 23-24mph through 15mph headwinds and “sprinted” away from the group over the course of 3 miles.

Sunday Morning Ride

Getting geared up for my “once a month” 100mile century ride and will have a map just like the one above for you.

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