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Tradewinds Triathlon, July 4th

Competed in the Independance Triathlon at Tradewinds Park on July 4th. The entire race had the ability to stay in the park because of the parks size.

The swim was a quarter mile through murky water. Literally, I could not see my hand with each stroke. Also, people were kicking me in the face and clawing at my goggles it was such a cluster of people. At one point I was sandwiched with a guy on my front, two on my sides, and another guy behind me. I swam for an opening after about 1/5th of the way of getting clawed in the goggles and kicked and constantly smacking my arms on their legs. I found the opening and caught some kind of jetstram because the next time I picked my head up I staring at grass. I swam the3 quarter mile in 7:59 and that was a great time considering the murky water and the all the smacking.

The bike was a tough course because that morning it had rained and they had literally split a one lane road with traffic cones and put 700 people on the course all at once. The only crash that happened happed to the two guys racing right infront of me and it was a perfect NASCAR like crash where the guy in the back slid out from the apex of the turn and took out the rear tire of the guy infront of him. As they went spinning off in the grass, here I come through the smoke. So I decided to take it easy through the turns and keep the wheels under me. Also,to not crash into anybody else. I thought for sure my competitors could not pass me on the bike because not only do I ride amazing in training but I cranked 25mph out down the straight-aways yet still came in second by 2 minutes. Finding out later that my competitor pedalled through the turns. I rode 28 minutes on the bike however, first place in my age-group rode 26:30. Could have been more aggrasive in the turns.

Ran amazingly well. Not quite as good as I did at the Stealthman two days earlier, but still great. I felt like I was going much faster than what my time came out as but still good. Felt good and felt that I could have kept the pace going for another 3.1 miles in an olympic race. I ran 24:31. Not much to say about the run.

I took second out of 4 in my age group. We were pretty spread out. First place: 6:10-26:30-23:30= 56 min.

Me- 7:59-28-24:30=1:02

However, I still know all the transition tricks. Even with clip in pedals vs. my competitors using shoes. I still beat them in transition by minimum 10 seconds. Over my 4th place competitor- 2 minutes in Transition.

Way to go Hammer gel, never used you guys before and it was great before I started the run.

Thank you Tri-Running Sports for the Tri-Suit it’s absolutely amazing Thank you!

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