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Had an amazing run this morning! I was only planning to go 6miles then swim with the group but was running with some great friends and thought, screw it I’m doing 10. Did the first 5 miles in 45 min. New PR. Ran the full 10 in 1:34. New PR. Great Run! I finally found the key to a great run and hear it is, are you ready? Are You Ready?

muscular hydration…

Muscular hydration, what I know about it atleast, is your muscles ability to not cramp due to being hydrated. It takes about a full week to achieve and will be lost as early as mile 15 of a marathon. Drinking atleast 2L of water per day is excellent!

Can’t wait for a 50 mile ride tomorrow morning. Starting at 7:30-ride with Tri-Running Sports to Bridge Road and back from Loggerhead. Then, turn around and do it again. 50/2=25miles however I believe Loggerhead to Bridge Road and back is 28 miles. 28*2=56 and 56=Half Iron Bike Distance….HooRaw!

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