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Wind .

Got on the Allez today for a strenth session in the howlng winds of Jupiter Farms. Rode down the road with the wind nice and easy and came back into 20mph winds. It was a steady wind which is nice. I lowered the gear to the point where I was going 20mph on only 56rpm for 2 miles. Turned around rode the 2 miles back and did it again. Kinda like skiing down into a bowl and the only way out is to try and ski back up the mountain.

Officially registered for the Palm Beach Marathon on December 4th. I’d love to have all my friends come cheer me on but they all said they’d rather sleep in on a Sunday which I could’ve expected. I hope anybody reading this decides to come out and watch. I believe I’m the youngest person ever to register but not 100% sure.

I haven’t decided if I’m going to race in the Toyota Cup World Championship in October. I probably won’t which is a bummer. I’d rather go volunteer or just watch the Ford Ironman World Championship on October 8th. Get closer to all my idol athletes such as Chris McCormack, Chris Lieto, Andreas Raelert, and Craig Alexander. And also get closer to the race I dream to win someday.

Getting prepared for MiamiMan. My friend signed up to do his 3rd MiamiMan this year with me and I’m ultimately excited just to be in the race. I have one tough field tho in my age group. 3 other competitors for me, one of them, the guy who smoked me at Tri-Miami by 30 minutes. Some people are built for speed and not endurance so it’ll be interesting to see where I place next to all of them. None of us have done MiamiMan before according to previous results so I hope I’m the only one who already knows about the harsh winds on the bike 😛

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