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Back in Action

Arrived back from a weeklong trip last night at 10. Woke up nice and early ( 9 am ). And just rested. Catching up with people, and getting myself back into the groove. Just hopped on the treadmill to run a half mile at 8 min. pace. Felt some knee stiffness which is what I expected after a week of being out. Stretching most of the day and stretching tonight will help. Maybe do some Yoga with Wii Fit. Never thought that would come in handy.

I will jump on the Transition tomorrow for 14 miles then run 3 miles. Just to take a step back into training. Wednesday I’ll swim half a mile and get on the Allez for 28 miles. Thursday run 4 miles with the Jupiter CC girls and Friday rest up. Saturday, Run 10 miles with running sports or maybe work with the Tri-Running Sports Team. Sunday, long bike ride. Hopefully 50 miles then a 20min run.

Today I officially registered for the Palm Beach Marathon. Very excited for my first marathon. My plan as of right now is to be working on a usual 4 month training program from Running Method. However, Running Sports has a marathon training program going on now as well.

Also, I may be just a little late, but WAY TO GO Macca on winning the Challenge Cairns!

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