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Long Strides

Ran 4 miles today with some of the Jupiter CC girls. Kept up with the lead group of 2 for 2 miles then my right leg absolutely failed. I was happy I just pulled off 2 back to back 6:40 minute miles with complete ease. What am I doing having muscle problems so young? Yikes! O well. I pushed through it and slowed to about an 8 minute mile to finish it up. I know I didn’t spend it all because I ran through the parking lot to the car. I like my longer distance runs because of the “take it slow” montra now it’s suck wind for 3 miles, time to adapt a new style while still keeping the old. Still training for the Palm Beach Marathon which I am looking forward to more than ever.

Some big races coming up in the second half of tri-season:

Stealthman-Who knows?-July 4th

Toyota Cup World Championship-Dallas, Texas-October 2nd

MiamiMan Half Iron-Miami-November 13th

Palm Beach Marathon-West Palm Beach-December 4th

Will see a specialist for my hamstring when I get back from hiking the Appalachian Trail and White Water Kayaking on the Nantahala River next week. If I have some sort of connection I will still update. I plan to run down the road from the Nantahala Outdoor Center for 30 minutes everyday and then turn back and finish in about an hour. I figure that’ll be around 7 miles each day. Will be back on a hard training schedule when I get back. I will start working with one of the Running Sports Tri-groups on Saturdays after I run ten miles on my own starting at 5. O boy O Boy 🙂

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