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bang bang bang bang…..bamanos bamanos

Ran 10 miles saturday morning felt amazing being back out for a lonnng run. Goin to keep doing that on Saturdays it seems. Training for the Palm Beach Marathon on December 4th. From the looks of things, they allow -18 year olds in with a signed parental waiver. Do they honestly think any regular teenager wants to run a full marathon? I like that many races are losening up their -18 year old age restriction however not all of them are doing so. Come on M dots!

Rode 30 miles today after going to bed at 1 am and waking at 5, also with tired legs from the run. In a 2 person group that broke away from a 4 person pack. My buddy and I rode at around 24-25 mph heading up Jupiter Island and then something in my head just said go. I jolted past him and shot up to 28 and held at 26mph for about exactly 1 mile. When we got up to the Jupiter Island Beach Park I started laughing. Wont be riding 112 miles at that pace anytime soon.

Added 3 new races to my bucket list. It’s funny I get so much feedback on, “you’re 14, why do you need a bucket list?!”, “SWEET, I’d have one too if I actually believed I was going to die.”, etc. The Leadville 100 mile Mountain Bike race is now open to -18 year old athletes with a parental waiver. I will definately be in the lottery for that race come November and hope to cross it off my bucket list in August 2012!

Bucket List


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