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At May’s End

Today I was sitting at a desk taking an exam and said ur gunna run your old 5.34mile course today no if ands or buts. So I did. Ran it nice and slow to work my way back into long distance running after becoming a 1mile star with a 6:19 O YA!

Got to the turn around and didn’t feel tired enough to turn back but told myself not to push it. Wore a FuelBelt for the first time and although it had the tendency to rise up it was the best thing I could have asked for. I had one bottle full of Accelerade and one bottle full of water and boy was the Accelerade SWEET and helpful. Got back feeling great. I’m back. Not as fast but I’m back. Same run Thursday. 10 miles Saturday with Running Sports early AM.

Also, today I reached 301 miles of cycling in the Month of May. A true accomplishment. I’m happy with where I am on the bike, I’m fast and can be competitive with some real adult riders. I can’t imagine being the pros and riding around 500 miles per week. Incredible!

On my run today I thought about what it takes to compete in multisport events. Because I never really reflected on why I keep doing this. Not only for me being so young but for every age grouper out there whose not getting paid to do this. And what I came up with was:

You can’t love this sport enough to where you want to feel the pain and suffering every day of your life. It takes a goal whether its to just keep racing till it’s absolutely impossible, or to someday win Ironman Kona. It takes a special breed of human beings who can tell themselves that instead of being comfortable I’m gunna go push myself to my limits and see what I can do.  

There’s something about pushing yourself beyond your limits, that people need to do once in their life. They need to take the chance one time, to see what they really can do. And once you do it you’re never the same.” -Matt Hoover

Biggest Loser Matt Hoover Competes in Ironman Kona Video

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