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Sloppy Sunday

Went for a 50mi ride today with my best stealthmates. Such a great ride setting my new PR at 2:36:00 for 50.

People had very sloppy bike handling skills today. One woman fell in the Loggerhead parking lot before the start from leaning the wrong way on her clips. A second woman fell at the Bridge Rd. beach park from being in her clips and having to stop short. When we got up to Sandsprit everything was looking dandy. I had just lead the group at 24mph for 4 miles. After the turn-around at Sandsprit park, one of the riders in our tri-group remarked, “I FOUND THE WIND!”

At the very last round-about in Port Solerno on the way back, a car stopped right infront of us. The leader had to stop quick, I ran through the 1 foot hole the driver left in between her and the curb. And the other mate stopped behind our leader who fell twisting her wheel out of its socket from the axel and screwing up her CatEye, so it was a manageable fix. A few greasy fingers and some good humor later we are back on our way. Slammed down Gomez and pushed the wind out of our way on Jupiter Island then hit the bridge on Us-1. A huge pack of cyclists was collecting at the front of the bridge while a giant boat went under. Our new friends broke news of a horrible crash where rims broke, shifters broken, bent bars, and said it was a $5000 crash. ( proving the A+ groups also crash ). Its weird that today I even felt it tough to get out of my clips.

Got back to Loggerhead still flyin. GREAT ride today. Going out for more riding later on. Tomorrow is going to be extremely tough……cleaning my house. O JOY!

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