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Great “event” this morning! Running Sports put on a sprint and half-sprint triathlon this morning and it was terrific! The swim was horrible. Getting kicked in the face, kicking other people in the face, clawing peoples goggles. Oy! However, sitting on the bike was brilliant. After about 2 miles, an Ironman Florida Veteran pulled up next to me and I paced off of her. Riding at 24mph, YeeeeeHaaaaA! Got a kick off a downhill and passed them and also passing another buddy in the blink of an eye….they caught me a mile later tho. And, with still a 5K left to run, I wasn’t going to push it. Also, today marks the very first time I ever felt sick on the bike. Somethin just musta been wrong today, all I had was 2 scoops of Carbo-Pro. Got off the bike, onto the run with my brand new K-Swiss shoes. I didn’t feel too good in the calfs or my left foot. So took it slow and also one of the Running Sports owners told me to keep a short step for my hamstring. Finished the run in a time I still don’t know and the hammy still ended up “ka-putt.”

I do not know the time that I finished. I do not know my swim split, my bike split was around 36min for 13mi according to the CatEye, and who knows about the run. Nevertheless, had fun and can’t wait to be back on the bike in the morning for a lonely 50mile ride.  


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