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Weekday Warrior

Heading out for a 14mi TT in a bit on the Transition. Did the same ride Tuesday night on the Allez in 45min. Staying away from running for a little while to rest the ole joy hamstring. Approximately 3 weeks. I will always continue to stay on the bike and in the pool. In these 3 weeks I will:

Have school exams. Ride 7-8am/ Ride 5pm-8pm/ Swim 8pm-9pm

Vacation Bile School Counciler ( I always get sick when I volunteer at this ). Ride 3pm-8pm/ Swim 8pm-9pm

Boy Scout Appalachian Trail/Nantahala Outdoor Center Trip. Hike 31miles (50K) in 4 days with 30lbs on my back/ Whitewater Kayak the Nantahala River for 4 days

Then….back to running sports on Tuesdays and Thursdays. Also start running school Cross-Country on June 9th fun runs and the real training on July 26th. Hamstring has got to heal. This is a true gamble last time I sat out of running for a few weeks I lost everything and had to rebuild from scratch.

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  1. Austin, call me at Running Sports. If I’m not there talk to my wife Linda. I need to talk to you about training.
    George Robb

    May 27, 2011 at 2:35 pm

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