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Weekend Work

Good weekend of training. Saturday morning, ran with Tri Running Sports for the first time and it was absolutely hotter than hell and the sun wasn’t even up. I ended up turning round at mile 3 and ending with 6 miles for the morning. Not good. The people at Tri Running Sports hooked me up with the best pair of shoes I’ve ever had on my feet. K-Swiss=the Best Running Shoes

This morning, did a 30 mile ride by myself on the transition absolutely haulin. Took it nice and easy until I hit Jupiter Island, then got down in the bars and never looked back. Got to the beach park feeling good, strong, and fast. Turned back into the wind and still kept my pace. Ending with a 1:30:33 30 mile ride 🙂

Mountain biked at Halpatiokee this afternoon, not my best performance there but I got some great HD video I’ll try to put up later.

Now into a busy week, rest monday, swim, bike, and run Tuesday. I’ll run at 6 with Tri Running Sports Tuesdays and Thursdays. Wednesday, 14 mi TT, as fast as you can go. Thursday take it easy and run at 6. Friday, I don’t know. Hopefully 10 mile Saturday morning run, and begging to do a Century Ride Sunday morning.

Gave a friend a copy of Chris McCormack’s book “I’m Here to Win” for his birthday, 2 days before the book comes out. Macca is in second place on the New York Times best seller list and he hates being second. Help him out everybody!

End to a good weekend of training. Happy Birthday Dave!

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  1. George robb

    Talk to secret agent “M” at running sports about an event this Saturday. Someone mentioned “Stealthman” but you didn’t hear it from me! Code word is “Fandango”

    May 23, 2011 at 7:03 pm

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