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Mack Cycle Key Biscayne Trilogy

Today, I am looking to do the Mack Cycle Key Biscayne International Triathlon Trilogy. 3 races, “Short-Course” distance. More windy than standing on top of Everest. I’m finally getting back into the game after the hamstring injury and not running forever. This sport has beaten me up severly. It’s very tough to go to race after race and when the results come in you just see. FAILURE FAILURE. It plays a huge mind game like quit this now it hurts like hell why would you want to do this?!?! I’m taking this time off to develop as a runner, however my time off has been shortened severly from August 6th down to June 19th. And, my bike has improved too.

This weekend, hoping to run 10miles on Saturday, ride 50 on the Allez on Sunday, also mountain ride at Halpatiokee Regional Park on Sunday afternoon. Halpatiokee is an AWESOME mountain bike trail with big hills, big roots, BIG drops and wide open for anyone with “Jacked-Up” legs and a tiny bit of fitness can open up and ride. Also, its long. Long + Speed + Big Obstacles = ONE GREAT TRAIL!

Need to work on my swim this summer extremely. Qualified for the Toyota Cup World Championship in Dallas on October 2nd. Meaning, Andy Pots, possibly Chris Lieto, big sponsors. Yet, active.com says you must be 16 EVEN though I got an email saying I qualified. If they do not let me do this race it will be absolutly shameful on their part. I want this race, it would be my 1st large scale race in Triathlon and when I got the email I was extatic but then depressed when I went to register. BOGUS!

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