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Tri-Miami In Depth Results

Yesterday, I did the Tri-Miami Olympic Triathlon in Key Biscayne. The winds were howling at 31mph. Swimming out to the turnaround buoy was slow and agonizin however the way back was fast and enjoyable. I ended up swimming a 37:15 1500meter.

On the bike, I was hoping to be conservative however with the prevailing wind and going over an extremely high bridge 4 times, there was no way to avoid the fact that you were going to spend some energy to keep a 1:20:00 40K. I rode out with the wind on my first lap nice and easily at about 21mph. Over the bridge, on the way up the wind was brutal, blowing everybody sideways. I saw one woman on a Giant Trinity get blown into the wall and crash. On the way down, I broke my bicycle speed record at 39.2mph. The wind was blowning me all over the place. I kept saying to myself “Austin you don’t fall off this bike noy ya hear!” apparently saying it in a southern accent made it stick. On the way back into the wind, a 5 mile haul at only 16mph, pushing it…When I looked to the other side of the road a bunch of sunday riders were out riding in a pack of around 25. And, watching as I passed them in a pack I must have been doing pretty well at that speed. Then I arrived back at Transition where the crowd was nice to see however I had one more lap to go…I ended up riding a 1:20:23

On to the run…ouch. Better than Nautica however my legs were a little spent from the bike and it was hot. I ran the first lap in an easy 29 min however nice and easy turned into tough and grueling on the second lap. Everything locked up. Calfs were just unbelievably tight and I believe I fell apart nutritionally I was quickly fading away and I had everything set to achive a 2:50:00 olympic it was perfect…crash. I ran a 1:04:06 10k. Extremely disapointed in myself. I came in 2nd/2 in my age group. The other guy was 19. I wish I could race someone my own age for once I wonder what the actualy result would be.

My transitions were some of the best in the field. Swim-Bike 3:27, Bike-Run 1:23.

2nd Olympic Triathlon: 3:06:34

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