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Ready for the race. BIG thanks to Big Wheel Cycles. My Tansition honestly looks better than it did when I bought it. I spent 2 hours in Big Wheels, North  Miami. An hour at iRun on Biscayne Blvd. Scoped out the Tri-Miami course and ate spaghetti at Miami’s Best Pizza. It is DEFINATLEY Miami’s BEST pizza.

The course has a LOOONG run from the swim to transition. It will not only be dangerous trying not to step on rocks but it will be close to impossible to get all the sand off my feet. The bike course looks WIIINDY. People go Kite Boarding off the coast of the road and theres white water blowing everywhere. Yikes!

The run is gorgous right along the beach and well marked. I’m excited for this race. Worried about the swim. Haven’t trained for a mile swim since Nautica and am not going to use a wetsuit. Another yikes. Drinking water, peeing every 10 minutes. Goin to bed. One competitor to beat.

Results tomorrow.

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