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Tri-Miami Plan

Tomorrow night I will not be able to update my blog so I will give you all the plan now.

I will wake up at 4:30 to be in Transition at 5:30. I will grab an end spot. (Always the best for you beginners out there) I will put my bike on the rack and lay out all the gear. Helmet on the handlebars with Oakleys inside, Clip the shoes in for a flying start. Towel on the ground for sand. Running Shoes and MAYBE* socks. A water bottle to clean myself out after gobbling sea water for 30 min, race belt, visor and relax.

When the gun goes off I will keep to the rear of my wave knowing I am not the best swimmer in the field by far. When I see other swimmers from a wave behind me, I can’t be discouraged. I have to trust that I’m strong enough on the bike to catch back up to the other person_ in my age group. I will most likely emmerge from the swim at about 35 min. Helmet, oakleys, race belt, GONE. Slip my feet in and think of my plan. What is my strategy? Do I kill the bike and lose it in the run like Nautica or do I play conservative? I’ve planned to be conservative and shoot for a 1:20:00 bike.

From there, I will focus on running a <50min 10k. Running the first 5K lap of Crandon Park in 25 min and the second in about 23min. Ending up with around a 2:45:00 Olympic Distance Triathlon.

S-Works all theway!

Easier said then done!

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